Kremlin critic Vladimir Kara-Murza detained outside his home

UN Women’s Executive Director Seema Bauhaus said on Monday morning that increasing reports of rape and sexual violence against Ukraine’s women and children should be thoroughly and independently investigated to ensure accountability.

“The combination of the mass displacement and the large presence of mercenaries, and the brutality displayed against Ukrainian civilians have all raised red flags,” Bauhaus said.

He later said that the risk of human trafficking from across the border has also increased, especially with young women and lonely teenagers.

On her return from Moldova, Bauhaus was addressing the UN Security Council in New York City, where she witnessed the humanitarian response to temporary shelters built for people fleeing Ukraine. An estimated 95,000 Ukrainians are being hosted in Moldova so far, Bauhaus said.

UN Women, a United Nations body dedicated to advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women, is working with refugee response teams and civil society teams in Moldova to ensure that the gender-sensitive nature of this crisis is not addressed. Feedback has been addressed with. ,

Bauhaus stressed the essential need for a “gender-sensitive” humanitarian response, which includes “providing services with a focus on safety and meeting the needs of heightened trauma and psycho-social support.”

“Gender-sensitive and survivor-focused response should be at the heart of all humanitarian action,” Bauhaus said. She said that despite all the violence, “women continue to serve and lead their communities and support the internally displaced.”

“In Ukraine, 80% of all health and social care workers are women, and many of them chose not to evacuate,” Bauhaus said. “I’ve heard from women in shelters that they too are taking leadership roles, and supporting the refugee response in host countries.”

Despite this, Bauhaus said women remain largely absent from any current negotiating efforts. She called on the UN Security Council and all UN member states “to ensure the meaningful participation of women and girls, including marginalized groups, in all decision-making processes, peace, diplomacy and humanitarianism. Without it, we would not have peace.” , development or human security.”


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