UK government distanced itself from minister’s tweet

After its Foreign Office minister Lord Zack Goldsmith tweeted in support of ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, the UK government distanced itself from its stance, saying Goldsmith’s remarks did not represent the UK government’s position. Is.

Goldsmith tweeted, “Sad to see the events of last night in Pakistan. Imran Khan is a good and decent man, one of the least corrupt politicians on the world stage,” News International reported.

Lord Zack Goldsmith, whose elder sister Jemima Goldsmith was once married to Imran Khan – said he was “saddened” by developments in Pakistan.

Downing Street was asked whether Lord Goldsmith, the Foreign Office Minister for the Pacific and International Environment, was speaking on behalf of the government. Responding to a question on Goldsmith’s tweet, a spokesperson replied, “With respect to Pakistan, we respect Pakistan’s democratic system and we will not get into its domestic political affairs. We have a long standing relationship with Pakistan. And monitoring the development.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s deputy spokesman said the UK would not be involved in Pakistan’s domestic affairs, adding: “We respect Pakistan’s political system.”

Ben Goldsmith, brother of Zack and Jemima Goldsmith, also announced his support for Imran Khan on Twitter after Khan’s expulsion. He said: “My brother-in-law @ImranKhanPTI is a good and respectable man, driven only by a strong desire to do good for his country. His record as PM is exceptional, above all on the biggest issue of our times: Imran Under his leadership, Pakistan is now a world leader in environmental restoration.”

The tweet was deleted after Goldsmith was accused of breaking official protocol. It is understood that the UK government forced Zack Goldsmith to delete his tweet, News International reports.

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