Jan 6 Committee to receive new documents soon

Archivist David S. Ferreiro sent Trump a letter informing him that President Joe Biden had waived the former president’s claims of executive privilege for a new subset of records, and that the committee would begin receiving documents on April 28.
“The President has determined that a claim of executive privilege is not in the best interest of the United States, and therefore not justified,” Biden’s attorney, Dana A. Remus informed the National Archives of the decision in a letter to Ferreiro.

Remus also informs Ferreiro that the committee will not get everything he needs from these documents, informing him that the Biden administration “reached an accommodation” with the committee to “prioritize the documents” within this installment. ” Was.

It is not clear what documents are present in the new wave of content.

The committee has received hundreds of pages of Trump-era documents that it requested from the National Archives, especially since the Supreme Court rejected Trump’s efforts to block his administration’s submission of documents to the committee, Including phone records and visitor logs.


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