Microsoft and other tech firms aim for fertility

The effort included a court order from the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia that allowed Microsoft ,msft, Microsoft to seize 65 Internet domains used by the hacking group behind the widely used malware ZLoader, Microsoft said.
Investigators say hackers linked to Russian military targeted Ukrainian power company

Since coming out in 2019, ZLoader has been used in a series of financially motivated hacking schemes – many of them aimed at organizations in North America. According to Microsoft, the hackers are also involved in a tool to deploy a type of ransomware intended to be used in hacks against health care organizations.

Microsoft said it had identified one of the people involved in the hacking venture and sent the information to law enforcement officials.

The US Justice Department did not respond to a request for comment.

Other cybersecurity firms involved in the takedown included US companies Lumen and Palo Alto Networks and Slovakia-based ESET.

It is the latest corporate or government effort to destroy computer infrastructure, often registered in the United States, to be used by cybercriminals or intelligence operatives.

Microsoft said last week that it had used another court order to disable seven Internet domains that a hacking group linked to Russian intelligence was using in a possible attempt to support Russia’s war in Ukraine. .

The action for hacking groups is far from a lethal blow, but it is a significant attempt to make it harder for them to operate.

Wendy Whitmore, head of Unit 42 of Palo Alto Networks, said, “Every time we do a successful takedown like this, we increase the cost of doing business for them and set an example for their successors to take away from their malicious activities.” The associated risks are increased.” Threat Intelligence Department.


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