Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Democrats Will Lose

Warren told CNN’s Dana Bash, “We can do a lot. And if we do it in the next 200 days, we’ll be in a good position. … Take it to the people that we’ve done.” On “Union State”. “I think we’re going to be in real trouble if we don’t rise and deliver, I believe the Democrats are going to lose.”

He continued, “Democrats win when they … work on behalf of the working people. And we can’t rest on what we’ve done. We need to fight to move forward.”

Warren’s remarks come as Democrats struggle to come up with a united message before the 2022 midterm. The party is looking to retain its narrow control over the US Senate and US House of Representatives, amid intrapartisan divisions over issues such as immigration and COVID relief. President Joe Biden also faces a low approval rating as the nation grapples with inflation and the war in Ukraine ravages the global economy.

Asked whether the US is headed for an economic downturn if Congress and Biden do not act, Warren, a member of the Senate Banking Committee, said major changes are needed to help the economy and Americans who cannot tolerate rising prices. Can.

“We’re in an uncomfortable economic moment, but I think … it’s too early to talk about a recession,” she said. “We’re doing better at un-kinking the supply chain and that helps. We also need to back down against huge corporations that have decided, not only are they going to incur costs, they’re a The big dolls are going to take additional benefits. And those are the things that get our economy — I think the way to describe it is if they suck it up.”


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