McCarthy’s latest introduction to Trump paints America

Rather, the choice he made—between telling an open lie or affirming the truth and destroying his own dream of isolating the former president—reveals the critical power calculation underpinning the modern GOP. If the party makes good on its strong prospects and wins the House of Representatives in November, that is Trump’s potential power in dynamic hands.

Green, an extreme pro-Trump lawmaker, has warned that McCarthy will have to meet several demands from her and like-minded Republican representatives before she can vote for speaker. The visit will underscore how immigration – perhaps the issue of Trump’s signature – is the glue that unites GOP factions and is at the heart of the party’s midterm election given the White House’s weaknesses on the issue.

The McCarthy drama, which threatened to ruin his career sometime last week — unless an outwardly liberal Trump collected his pledge of loyalty — began when two New York Times reporters revealed that McCarthy had advised fellow top Republicans that he was considering advising Trump to resign after the rebellion in January last year. The House minority leader vehemently denied the claim and slammed the journalists, Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns, as tools of partisan, corporate media. But after it appeared on MSNBC, reporters soon uncovered a tape that erased McCarthy’s denial and left him on very thin ground.

At another time, McCarthy’s lost credibility may have destroyed his political future. But in an era in which much of GOP power rests on Trump’s patronage, McCarthy’s commitment to the post-Trump movement may have actually bolstered his claims for the speech.

And it proved that anyone aspiring to power in the GOP should, at least in the House, make a similar decision to prioritize loyalty to Trump over simple facts and truth.

Why does it matter that Kevin McCarthy lied?

This is not a partisan point – it stems from the events of four turbulent years of the Trump presidency, two impeachment and the former president’s lie that the 2020 election was a hoax. And it represents judgments by lawmakers about the views of their constituents in the party’s pro-Trump base, which is strongly aligned with the former president and suited to his alternate 2020 reality.

McCarthy and Trump spoke Thursday night to discuss the Times story. The young man’s apparent success in dealing with what could have been a political nightmare explains why the former president’s reluctance to speak the truth to the excesses, which marked the GOP during his term in office, is a key factor in the midterm campaign of American politics. will be a major feature. And before the 2024 election if Trump runs.

A GOP midterm victory would hand Trump a powerful weapon

McCarthy’s conduct confirmed that a future GOP House majority would serve as a political assistant to the former president. It would give Trump a powerful weapon in Washington as he seeks to destroy the presidency of Joe Biden, his winner in the 2020 election and potential 2024 rival.
In practice, this would mean that McCarthy gives even more latitude to pro-Trump members of the GOP convention — like the Ohio representative. Jim Jordan, with a Joe investigation, is vowing to push Biden to the White House if Republicans get the speaker’s gavel next year. Given that he is even more in Trump’s debt than before, McCarthy may be less in a position to rule in GOP hardliners like Green. The Georgia Republican, testifying last week at an unprecedented disqualification hearing whether he should be barred from office over his alleged role in the January 6 uprising, repeatedly said he could not recall past comments or conversations and that Trump Repeated false claims about winning the election of

In a broader sense, the events of the past few days raise serious questions for American democracy as Trump’s authoritarian streak has only become more extreme as he sought to reverse the 2020 election and the 2022 midterms to seek personal revenge. changed to. And there is little evidence that the House GOP, which whitewashed his provocation on January 6, 2021, has the interest or political capacity to do anything to undermine him in the future.

Trump embraces new evidence of his power

Trump understands the power dynamic as a whole. McCarthy’s phone call with the former president after audio emerged re-established that his future was in Trump’s hands and reinforced the notion that Trump is the real locus of GOP power.

The former president enjoys public displays of loyalty. This is in line with his enthusiasm for power to portray him and McCarthy as their puppets in the media, and to turn political somersaults for McCarthy to maintain Trump’s side.

Thus, the former president told the Wall Street Journal in an interview on Friday that he has a good relationship with McCarthy because the minority leader moved quickly to back his outspoken criticism.

And referring to Republicans, who embraced him extensively after his role in the Capitol uprising, Trump said: “It’s all a big compliment, frankly,” he said. That they were wrong and they supported me.”

Democrats Capture Trump’s Shadow

Still, the latest example of Trump’s dominance of the GOP may play into Democratic claims that the former president represents a mortal threat to American democracy.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” on Sunday that McCarthy’s conduct in recent days showed he was a “liar and a traitor.”

“It’s outrageous. And this is exactly the disease that is rampant in the Republican leadership right now, that they say one thing to the American public and something else privately,” Warren said.

Warren: Democrats will lose in the 2022 midterm if we don't give more
But the gravest moment of danger has passed for McCarthy – at least for now – though there are no guarantees when it comes to Trump. The former president has a long record of souring on subordinates he once indulged in. For example, he withdrew his support of Rep. Mo Brooks’ Senate campaign after the Alabama congressman said it was time to move on from the 2020 election.

So McCarthy’s speakership hopes — already facing some doubt from the pro-Trump wing of the GOP — will never be a sure thing unless Republicans claim power when they win the House back in November.

But the California Republican can also count on the strong loyalty of many in the GOP rank and file in the House, partly through its prodigious fundraising.

Some party lawmakers have told CNN’s Melanie Zanona, Manu Raju and Lauren Fox in recent days that the episode did not cause serious harm to the leader.

McCarthy has long considered the support of Trump’s base a key factor in winning back the House. His entire strategy of undermining the outcome of the January 6 uprising is directed towards this objective.

And a major GOP victory in November would also cement McCarthy’s authority and long-held hopes of becoming speaker. The political situation seems to align with his goal. As each month passes, the plight of the Democrats – stricken by high gas prices and rampant inflation – fails to improve and McCarthy’s victory scenario becomes even more plausible.

While there are profound questions raised by Trump’s enduring power, the Biden administration’s failure to meaningfully reduce high prices for everyday items — even as other parts of the economy are roaring back — are pushing Republicans to make up voters. Provides compelling arguments.

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a Republican who dropped a Biden state last, showed that Democratic campaigns under threat from Trump can be neutralized with scathing attacks on assumptions about expensive grocery bills and a political education system. Is.

And while Washington commentators and Democratic lawmakers highlight the coercive nature of McCarthy’s lies, the fragmented and ultra-partisan nature of the US media means that his concerns will not impress most Republican voters.

There lies the essential logic behind McCarthy’s choice: the only outcome of his latest controversy that could jeopardize his hopes of becoming speaker would be if he further split from Trump.

So his way forward was clear. And for what Washington looks like in January 2023 and beyond, it has the potential to have huge consequences.


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