Best Apple Arcade Games in 2022

What are the best games on Apple Arcade in 2022? The idea of ​​a subscription-based service for games is a smart one, and Apple Arcade offers huge value for money with its service, especially in India. 99 per month, Apple Arcade has a huge catalog of games and continues to add new ones, giving users the opportunity to play premium games without any in-app purchases. The catalog covers a wide range of genres including sports, racing, role-playing, and adventure, to name a few.

Many established franchises and classic games have also been redesigned and adapted for the Apple Arcade experience. Apple Arcade works on a variety of supported Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. I’ve put together a list of the best Apple Arcade games I’ve played since the service launched, and here are my top picks, in no particular order.

Alto Odyssey – Remastered

The sequel to the classic Alto Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey Remastered brings the excellent mechanics, world design and artistic gameplay of its predecessor back in style. A typical endless runner game, Alto’s Odyssey has been optimized for Apple Arcade, and features interesting objectives that will keep you playing, along with an uplifting soundtrack, as well as a new, exclusive ‘Lost City’ for the platform. Let the difficulty increase with the biome.

Another big change is to switch from snowy mountain slopes to a much larger world spanning sandy desert areas, ancient ruins and climbable cliffs. Central character Alto and his friends also return with all their abilities. Notably, if you prefer the original setting and gameplay, Alto’s Adventure is now also available on Apple Arcade in a remastered version.


Coming from acclaimed indie game developer Amanita Design, Crax is set in a beautiful, mysterious world with stunning artwork, haunting music, and challenging puzzle-solving mechanics. In this side-scrolling platformer, the player takes on the role of an unnamed, mild-mannered protagonist who descends from his bedroom into a mansion occupied by strange but friendly Victorian-era bird folk.

While there is much for you to explore, the key element of the gameplay is solving puzzles. These come in the form of finding ways to escape from various monsters that turn into household objects when a light falls on them. The soundtrack is an important part of this game, and so Crix is ​​best played with headphones on.

mini motorway

In my opinion, Mini Motorways is the best casual game you can find on Apple Arcade right now, and one that I find myself coming back to pretty often. The premise of the game is simple – you connect homes to workplaces using an intricate network of roads, bridges, tunnels, roundabouts and traffic signals. Like any growing city, the process will only get more difficult as time goes on. The longer you’re able to keep the network unbroken due to overload, the higher your score.

What makes the game more interesting is that the cityscapes are based on similar physical features to real-world locations, including Los Angeles, Dubai, Munich, Beijing and many more. The dynamic soundtrack changes based on your ability to maintain a smooth, flowing network, adding to the mood and feel of this beautiful game. There’s also the Mini Metro+ from the same developer on Apple Arcade, with simple gameplay and a very similar look to mechanics.

Simon’s Cat – Story Time

Match-three puzzle games are common, but Simon’s Cat – Story Time is the better of these for several reasons. Above all, Apple Arcade makes this game completely free to play, with no power-ups and in-app purchases designed to make progress difficult. The game is based on the popular web cartoon and book series of the same name, and follows a simple story about the events going on in the eponymous character’s neighborhood.

Different objectives need to be completed, requiring you to solve match-three puzzles of varying difficulty and with ever-increasing odds and conditions. The game’s simplicity and casual nature make it to come back again and again, and fans of the web cartoon series will surely enjoy the storyline and integration of the characters into the gameplay.

sneaky sasquatch

Among the first titles launched on Apple Arcade, Sneaky Sasquatch is one of the best role-playing games on the platform so far. You’re in control of a humble Sasquatch living in a national park, who begins scavenging for food from trash cans and camps, but eventually moves on to more important tasks and missions in the park.

The game’s gripping premise is supported by fun artwork and easy gameplay. Various mini-games keep you busy, and the cheerful story and characters will appeal to players of all ages.


Many of Apple Arcade’s games are mobile-friendly and keep things simple, but Spyder stands out for being both visually detailed and a lot more complex in terms of game mechanics. You take control of a cute robotic spider named Agent 8, who must complete missions as a spy for a fictional British intelligence agency.

Core gameplay consists of physics-based exploration and puzzle solving, as Agent 8’s tiny form and maneuverability allow you to do things humans can’t. Despite being quite short, the James Bond-like premise, retro setting, and engaging level-based gameplay make it a highly entertaining game for all ages.

spider review


While there are plenty of fantasy-adventure games out there on Apple Arcade, The Pathless stands out for its detailed, fast-paced gameplay, beautiful open-world setting, and intuitive design that helps you figure out what to do next. The game doesn’t have a mini-map specifically for navigation, and you have to rely on “spirit vision” to get around as you navigate different parts of the Cursed Island setting.

The game’s central character is The Hunter, a skilled archer who must use his abilities to navigate and defeat magical enemies with the help of an eagle companion. The game is equal parts terrifying, beautiful, fun, and engaging, with stylish artwork and an intricate open-world setting that’s worth visiting.

What is Golf?

Perhaps the ‘weirdest’ game ever on Apple Arcade, What the Golf could technically be called a golf game, but it really isn’t. There are many subtle digs at how boring golf is, while the game itself redefines the game with various other items including couches, cars, animals, and rockets.

The goal of each level, at its core, is to get a ball into a hole, or at least in contact with the flag. There are tons of levels, different ways to achieve the goal, and tons of hidden objectives to help you complete 100 percent. The artwork is simple yet enjoyable, making this game an easy pick from our top choices in the Apple Arcade catalogue.

wild flower

A farming and life sim similar to games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, Wylde Flowers is an incredibly engaging game with an entertaining story that involves magic and witchcraft. The game puts you in the place of Tara Wylde, who returns to help her grandmother run the family farm on a small rural island. In addition to taking care of and improving the farm, you should also focus on building relationships, maintaining your health and well-being, and discovering your magical abilities.

In addition to the hours of entertaining gameplay it offers, Wild Flowers also stands out for its focus on inclusivity and diversity, with characters of different races, sexual orientations, and beliefs. The game delves into the issues of xenophobia and intolerance, and does so in a very sensitive and delicious way. This is one of the best games on the Apple Arcade platform right now, and is definitely worth playing.

Wild Flowers review: Apple Arcade’s farming and life sim has a magical twist


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