Florida-based restaurant lends crypto flavor to menus,

Crypto Street Restaurant, an eatery has decided to bank on the popularity of crypto-related buzzwords to promote its services in the US’ state of Florida. This restaurant has an exclusive menu, offering dishes inspired by elements from the crypto space. It is located on Clearwater Beach in Pinellas County, Florida, a water-facing location that is popular with tourists and local visitors. In addition, this diner also accepts payments in cryptocurrencies.

A restaurant serving “dogdogs” at HotDog was launched earlier this month. Photos of the inauguration have been posted on its Instagram page.

Some of the other crypto-themed dishes listed on the menu include the Blockchain Club Sandwich, Crypto Salad, To the Moonoon Sundae, and the Sheba Shrimp Cocktail.

“The crypto community is very welcoming,” the restaurant holders wrote on their website.

In his interview, the owner of this restaurant, Ricardo Varona, revealed that Dogdog is a favorite item on his menu among customers.

A report by InsideBitcoins states that Verona accepts payments in all cryptocurrencies, even those that are not much known in the market.

This isn’t the first time crypto-themed food has made headlines this year.

Earlier in May, Tesla chief Elon Musk was seen partying with ex-girlfriend Grimes and pop singer Miley Cyrus after a crypto-themed “Saturday Night Live” party.

Waitresses in alien-inspired attire were serving Dogecoin cookies and cupcakes at a party hosted by Musk after hosting the Saturday Night Live (SNL) episode, Page Six reported.

In fact, a restaurant in India also has crypto-themed food that its customers have in the city of Bengaluru.

The restaurant named “Woosh” offers Bitcoin Masala Oats, Smart Contract Poha and Chicken Tikka Crypto Samosa among other dishes.

The cryptocurrency market is booming internationally. Earlier this year, the global crypto market capitalization rose to $3 trillion (about Rs 2,15,66,720 crore), the highest ever.

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