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from now on harry potter Reunion. (courtesy: hbomax)


  • The reunion will air on January 1
  • It will air on HBOMAX
  • It will also stream on Amazon Prime Video

New Delhi: Hey, Harry Potter fans, the countdown has finally begun. Yes, We’re (Technically) Just Hours Away From Release Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts, The big event brings together the star cast of the star harry potter film series. And, we can’t wait to see all our favorites harry potter characters in one place. Everyone is excited to say the least. Well, what has grabbed our attention is the set of trailers that have arrived ahead of the online premiere.

The first trailer that HBOmax released about the incident shows an “invitation”. The Hogwarts newspaper reads “Hogwarts welcomes alumni.” Then, the film’s actors start receiving a sealed invitation from the magic school. The trailer read, “The invite you’ve been waiting for has arrived.” Then, we see the memorable nine and three-quarters stage.

The second trailer follows from where we left. At the station, we see Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger. As she walks down the set and looks around, we go down memory lane. Then Emma Watson says, “It’s like no time has passed and a lot of time has passed.” Daniel Radcliffe, who rose to fame playing a titular role in the film franchise, said, “The thing that intimidated me the most was that the most meaningful thing in our lives had been done. And, looking at everyone So happy. So, it’s like that, though it wasn’t.” Helena Bonham Carter wore a set of teeth as she played Bellatrix. Ralph Fiennes opened up about how his nephew and niece were excited to hear about his role as Voldemort.

On December 30, HBOmax released some more behind-the-scenes clips of the show. The video shows snippets from a one-off where the cast returns to the original set at Leavesden Studios for a “retrospective special”. The actors revealed how studios were “leaking” and could not find “ideal shooting conditions”. “But it was lovely,” director Chris Columbus said.

harry potter The films are based on JK Rowling’s best-selling novel of the same name.


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