YoYa Toys Scoop Ball Game Outdoor Toy for Kids and Adults – Jai Alai Thrower with 2 Balls – PVC Carry Bag – Toss and Catch Set Game

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        <h3> Our story </h3>   How we got our start?                             Propelled by our desire to introduce classic toys to a new generation of children, YoYa Toys got its start back in 2016 by two best friends. Since we were 6 years old, we’ve dreamt of finding a way to hold onto the fun of creating toys, outdoor games, and squishies––that dream turned into YoYa Toys.      What makes our product unique?                             Fun and joy are at the core of who we are; but sensory toys like our squishies and stress balls also have a calming and satisfying effect! Plus, in an increasingly tech-based world, our outdoor toys keep your child active. Our wide range of toys provide timeless entertainment for kids of all ages!      Why we love what we do?                             Founding YoYa Toys allowed us to have as much fun as 30 years ago, when we were making up games until dinner was ready or the sun went down. It’s our hope that our toys inspire the same lighthearted feeling in today’s youth; for, it’s this feeling that grew our small business into a global brand.    

      <br>QUALITY & HARMLESS MATERIALS: The YoYa Toys scoop ball game is manufactured with high quality, environmental friendly materials and non-toxic colors. Our scoop toy set is 100% safe for your children. So feel free to have fun and enjoy these priceless moments with your family.<br>PLAY THE FASTEST GAME ON EARTH: This game is also known as jai alai and it is perfect to improve your children’s eye and hand movement coordination. This toy is not only for kids… so stay active, grab your ball & scoop, have fun and exercise at the same time!<br>EASY TO USE & FUN TO PLAY: If playing throwing and catching is not a classic game then what is. This is the perfect alternative version for this game. Grab the scoop from the ergonomic handle and be amazed with the crazy ball speed. You won’t be able to stop playing.<br>PLAY ANYWHERE YOU LIKE: Take your toy set wherever you want and start playing. Pack your scoops in the included PVC bag and just in case take the two provided balls with you as well. Find your favorite spot and let the family games begin!<br>HESITATIONS FREE PURCHASE: We, at YoYa Toys, consider your satisfaction as our top priority. This is why our scoop ball game set is backed with a money guarantee. So if for any reason you feel disappointed with your purchase, you have nothing to worry about. Just contact us for your refund!

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