Car Net Pocket Handbag Holder Between Seats, Upgrade Car Organizer Handbag Purse Holder Large Capacity Strong Bearing Capacity Car Net Bag Barrier of Back Seat Pet Kids fit Most Vehicle Car

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    Product Description 

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                Sturdy Construction for Better  
                Our car net pocket was made of high-quality PVC+PE+polyester material,which can extend its life. And the enlarged size and lengthened strap make it has a large storage space. </p> 

                Safe Driving  
               <p> The car bag holder between seats is also a special barrier that prevents naughty kids or pets in the back seat from interfering with driving,make you drive more safely. </p> 

                Compatible &amp; Convenient  
               <p> Unlike other sellers on the market, our car net pocket is suitable for around 99% of armrest boxes of car(not suitable for unremovable headrest models.)Conveniently store your purse where you can safely reach it. </p> 

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       <p class="a-spacing-base"> WHY YOU NEED THIS CAR ORGANIZER ? </p> 
       <p class="a-spacing-base"> 
       ✔ Say goodbye to mess
        ✔ Durable, sturdy and lightweight
        ✔ Easily find your items in seconds
        ✔ Wider, larger, roomy inside pockets 
        ✔ Help the tote/handbag retain shape
       <p class="a-spacing-base"> Features: </p> 
       <p class="a-spacing-base"> 
       There are 2 ways to fix it, if your armrest box is open in front, you can use Velcro to fix it; if your armrest box is side-opening, double-opening, or sport armrest box, you can fix your Car Handbag Holder by stuffing 2 small plastic discs in the seam of your seat.
        The size of our storage bag is increased, you can easily put in your handbag, wallet, iPad, laptop, cell phone, umbrella, water bottle, etc...
        Material: PVC+PE+polyester 
        Size: 16*10.6*7.5 inches
       <p class="a-spacing-base"> Notes: </p> 
       <p class="a-spacing-base"> 
       Please do not install net pocket handbag where it will affects normal driving to ensure the normal driving of the driver.
        Don't overstretch the bag for car organizer too much.
        The size of car net pocket is 16*10.6*7.5 inches, so please confirm the space between two seats in front is not smaller than the size of the product.

   <br>🚕【NEWEST UPGRADED VERSION】Our car net pocket handbag holder has been upgraded. The bottom of the purse holder is made of PE material, so it has a stronger bearing capacity. It is designed with stretchable fabric and adjustable straps, which endow it to be compatible with almost all cars, and the front barrier is widened to prevent things from being scattered.<br>🚕【EXTRA STORAGE】The handbag holder for car is between the front two seats to create extra storage capacity. It can stretch to the perfect size based on different spaces between the driver and the passenger seats of various car models, you can use the car net pocket handbag holder to store cell phones, handbags, books, stuffed dolls, and almost about everything for trips and daily essentials.<br>🚕【EASY INSTALLATION】The car organizer is very easy to install : 1: put the double buckle straps through the head of the seat, adjust the appropriate length and fix it; 2: wrap the plum blossom-shaped buckle to the front of the seat and squeeze it into the seat gap.If there is a flip-type armrest box in your car, you can attach the Velcro over the armrest box and fasten buckle straps to the headrest stalks.<br>🚕【SAFE DRIVING】This car handbag holder can help reduce distracted driving problems and you will have easy access to your essentials and keep you from dropping your things when driving. It is also a special barrier that prevents naughty kids or pets in the back seat from disturbing, helpful for safe driving.<br>🚕【COMPATIBILITY】The car net pocket handbag holder is compatible with the front opening armrest box, side open armrest box, no armrest box, double open armrest box, sports armrest box, not suitable for unmovable headrest models.

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