It rained fish in a Texas town this week

Earlier this week, Texarkana residents reported tiny fish falling from the sky in what seemed like an epoch-making weather event. The reality was more mundane: The swimmers, many of them palm-sized, were likely picked up by a waterfall and fell back to Earth as it lost momentum, the city told residents in a Facebook post.

Fish rain is an example of “animal rain,” City explained, and “while it’s unusual,” it can happen when the weather is fine—and the fish are just light enough.

The animals didn’t originate in the sky before the rain started, of course—rather, they were lifted off the ground by powerful waterfalls, which start in the air and move toward the water’s surface. As these spouts gain momentum, the vortex in the center of the waterfall can begin to pick up smaller, lighter objects, including fish. And when the waterspout loses energy, those small objects fall back down, explains the Library of Congress.
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Updrafts — super-strong winds — are more powerful than waterspots and can lift animals from thin fish to large, including birds, bats, frogs and snakes, according to National Geographic.
Texarkana residents were relatively unaffected by the strange weather phenomenon. Tim Brigham told CNN affiliate KSLA that he thought it was “great” and useful to watch the little fish fall from the sky – he added that he “started to get me a bucket and use them as fishing bait.” picked up.” The Discount Wheels & Tire staff moved away from Tire and instead began cleaning up the surprising seafood of their parking lot.

Others shared photos of their own backyard fish after the city’s Facebook page asked to “show us your mess photos”. Most of them were no bigger than the palm of the hand of the resident who took the photo.

Texarkana’s animal showers may be one of the only recorded examples of the phenomenon in the state, but California last saw the same thing in 2017, when elementary school officials in Oroville reported that 100 fish came out of the sky and into the school. fell on the property. According to the Weather Channel, fish have fallen from the sky at least three times in the past 30 years in the town of Lajmanu in Australia’s Northern Territory.

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