Betty White’s best ‘Golden Girls’ lines and moments

White was originally supposed to portray hot-to-trot widow Blanche DeVero on a comedy series about senior women living together in Miami. It ran from 1985 to 1982.

But the show’s director Jay Sandrich had worked with White on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and thought Blanche’s character was too close to White’s role on her, Sue Ann Nivens.

So Rue McClanahan was cast as Blanche, and White became Dizzy and Sweet Rose, one of the most beloved of the “Golden Girls”.

Following are some of Rose’s best moments and lines from the show.

Rose the Man Killer

In an episode called “In a Bed of Rose”, Rose sleeps with a man named Al Beatty and he dies in her bed.

Her husband, Charlie Nylund, had previously died during their affair, so Rose begins to believe that she is fatal to men.

She later tells her roommates Blanche (McClanahan) and Dorothy Zbornak (played by Bea Arthur) that she slept with another man named Arnie and that he also died.

“And the sheriff, I told him about myself, how I kill men and he didn’t believe me,” says a distraught Rose. “He said, ‘Let’s see. Sleep with me.’ So I did. And the sheriff died.”

Luckily Rose was joking, much to the surprise of her friends.

first impressions

When Blanche dares to ask Rose her first impression, she receives an honest answer.

“I thought you wore too much makeup and were a slut,” Rose said.

Que Blanche is looking less than pleased.

“I was wrong,” Rose assured him. “You don’t wear a lot of makeup.”

wild woman

When Blanche told Rose, “I have a feeling you’re a wild lady,” Rose confirmed it.

“Oh, you bet I am,” said Rose. “I eat raw cookie dough. And sometimes, I run through the sprinklers and don’t wear a shower cap. And at Christmas, I’ve been known to put more than one egg away.”

as I got older

“My mom always used to say ‘The older you get, the better you’ll be. Unless you’re a banana.'”


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