All 21 people trapped in the New Mexico Tramway

Brian Rose, deputy chief of operations, said at a news conference Saturday that the Bernalillo County Fire Department received a call at around 2 a.m. to assist with search and rescue efforts when a tram going down the tram line got stuck.

“We are pleased to report that at this time all those in need of rescue from tram cars have been rescued and are safely at base,” the Bernalillo County Fire Department said. Said on Twitter. “We still have rescuers on the mountain evacuating because of the difficulty of access by helicopter. We will update when everything is clear.”
Michael Donovan, general manager of the Sandia Peak Tramway, told KRQE that passengers were trapped in the middle of two tram cars as snow formed on the tramline due to moisture and winds.

The Sandia Peak Tramway has not responded to CNN’s request for comment.

Bernalillo County Sheriff (BCSO) spokesman Jayme said, “I can assume the weather will be a factor in all of this because it was cold, it was really windy, the altitude is really high, and it was raining last night.” ” Fuller told CNN. “It’s not going to be a very fun ride.”

One of the passengers trapped inside the tramcar, Colleen Elvids, posted photos to Facebook that showed people wrapped in blankets and blankets as they wait for rescue.

Elvij captioned the post, “Stuck in the tram since 9 pm… Rescue coming soon.”

Most of the people trapped in the tram cars were workers attempting to “leave the restaurant at the top of the summit and go home for the evening,” Fuller said.

New Mexico Search and Rescue Incident Commander Spencer Moreland said during a news conference Saturday that rescue officers were able to arrive to provide blankets, food and water to passengers and to be as comfortable as possible while the rescue plan was drawn up.

Fuller said BCSO Metro Air initially worked on supplying the stranded passengers before deciding to fully evacuate.

At 12:30 pm, air units began evacuating one to four people at a time by using a rope system from the tram car and landing safely. Moreland said they were then taken to a small landing area where they were evacuated by helicopter in small groups.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post, “Metro Air Support has picked up the last remaining passenger and our mission is complete! Rescuers have advanced through the mountain and are almost back at base.”

The sheriff’s office said, “What an incredible effort everyone involved! Happy New Years, everyone is safe, and we are grateful for the positive outcome.”


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