There should be ‘No worries,’ ‘You are mute’ and ‘Circle back’

He and many others create Lake Superior State University’s Outlawed Words List, an annual list gathered from submissions around the world that highlights phrases or words that are being overused to the point of uselessness.
Although phrases related to COVID-19 dominated the previous list, the latest lineup was more conversational, a possible side effect of the way Western society has adapted to the ongoing pandemic, said Peter Szatmery, executive director of marketing and communications at LSSU. said. Statement.

The school has released this list since 1976, receiving thousands of entries. In the past year, people submitted more than 1,250 words for consideration, with nominations not only from within the US but also from Norway, Belgium, England, Scotland, Australia and Canada.

The school announces the results of the annual collection on the last day of the year.

LSSU President Rodney S. “You mean what you say and mean what you say. Nothing can be easier or harder,” Hanley said in a statement. “Each year the presenters work hard to suggest which words and terms to eliminate by paying attention to what humanity says and writes. At the end of the day it makes perfect sense to take a deep dive and then round back. Wait, what?”

With that, here are 10 phrases that made the 2021 list.

Who’s waiting?

The school said that some got the phrase wrong, to express surprise or uncertainty. “I don’t want to wait,” complained one person.

do not worry

Named for its ubiquity, “no worries” is used as a substitute for “you’re welcome”. But it’s actually meaningless, the school noted.

At the end of the day

This isn’t the phrase’s first attempt at a list of exiled words—it first appeared in 1999. Yet, for many, it persists.

having said so

The phrase is merely a redundant verbal filler, the nominees argued. “Go ahead and say what you want in advance!” demanded one.

ask a friend

The phrase had a big year due to its use as a joke on social media (in which it was clearly understood that the user was really just asking for himself). While some may have found this strange, these nominees have taken it upon themselves to say that the phrase has been overused.

circle back

“This is a conversation, not the Winter Olympics,” the school said bluntly.

Detailed analysis

Diving is for bodies of water, one nominee said, not subject or content. Another wondered: “Do we need a ‘deeper’? I mean, does anyone dive into the shallow end?” a good question.

new normal

Used as a catchall for the way our world has changed with Covid-19, the phrase was actually (for different arguments) withdrawn in 2012. Now, some argue that the pandemic isn’t really “new” anymore. Also, if something is normal, could it be new?

you are on mute

It is self explanatory.

the supply chain

Supply chain-related issues have basically become the scapegoat for any shortfall, one person said, while others claim the phrase has become a meaningless discussion. While this may sound valid, there are actually serious supply chain issues, even if some are tired of hearing about them.

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