Welcome to 2022. These are the issues we are seeing

The stakes are particularly high in Congress for President Joe Biden and the Democrats, who seek to drive some big wins for Americans ahead of this year’s midterm elections.

America is entering 2022 with a familiar pandemic worry.

Across the country, the rapid spread of the Omicron variant has affected businesses, transportation and emergency services. “Omicrons are really everywhere,” said Dr. Megan Rainey, an emergency medicine professor at Brown University’s School of Public Health.

“I’m so worried about the next month or so that our economy is going to shut down—not because of the policies of the federal government or state governments, but because so many of us are sick.”

But the situation is developing rapidly. Some experts say the US could hit the peak of Omicron cases by the end of January; 2022 could still be when the coronavirus becomes “part of our background” as it comes and goes, Dr. Ofer Levy told CNN’s Alisin Camerota last week.
Biden administration prompts change in pandemic strategy in front of O'Micron

“I think it’s likely that we’ll see this wave come and go and that spring and summer will look a lot better than we see right now,” said Levy, director of the Precision Vaccine Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. “There will be fewer cases, and then, next fall and winter we will see a spike of viral diseases, coronavirus, influenza and others, but it will be like an endemic cycle.”

“It will be a better winter – like this winter, with all the challenges, still better than the winter before.”

The White House, meanwhile, is expected to unveil details soon about the rollout of the 500 million free home tests Biden promised to all Americans who request one, though questions about logistics and the program’s capacity A series of questions remain unanswered.
But arguably the most consequential pandemic decision for the coming year is out of Biden’s hands. The Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguments for Friday in cases challenging their administration’s vaccine requirements for large employers and some health care workers.

The Biden administration has said it will not begin implementing the employer’s mandate until January 10, and the government has said it is not implementing the health care worker mandate even as legal challenges emerge.

The White House said last month that it is “confident in the legal authority for both policies.”

social safety net

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, a major swing vote, dealt a major blow to his party when he announced in late December that he was “no” on the Build Back Better Act, calling for Biden to expand the social safety net. By championing legislation and fighting the climate crisis.

Now, Democratic leaders have to find out what happens next. They are vowing not to give up, but it is not yet clear what Democrats may be able to achieve.

What is on the agenda of Congress in 2022?
Biden has said he still thinks the “build back is likely to be better” and has insisted that he and Munchkin “will get something done” once West Virginia’s liberal president’s agenda is downplayed. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said Democrats “won’t let this opportunity pass you by.”

One of the president’s top economists, Jared Bernstein, said on CNN, “President Biden, whom I’ve worked with for many years … has a habit of kicking the legislative rabbit out of the hat. And has done so many times.” “He’s not fighting to build back better by any means. When I talk to him about it, he seems to have some confidence in it.”

But CNN reports that Manchin has indicated that he will not quickly lag behind a scaled-back version of the plan, arguing that it seeks to move through the Senate through a filibuster-proof reconciliation process. Before doing so, the committee should go through the process.

The situation underscores major obstacles ahead for Democrats if they hope to push a narrower version of the law before midterm in November.

6 January check

The House Select Committee probing the January 6 uprising is gearing up for a consequent year as the wider investigation nears a more public stage.
The panel is working toward a goal of releasing an interim report with preliminary findings by this summer, a committee aide told CNN, with a final report in the fall of 2022. And committee members have said they hope to hold a public hearing that outlines the story of what happened on January 6, although the specific timing of these hearings has yet to be determined.
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“There is a belief that what happened that day was not a comedy of errors, but a well-planned, coordinated effort. And so our hearing will determine whether what happened on January 6 was a comedy of errors or was planned. effort on the part,” Representative Benny Thompson, who chairs the panel, said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

In the meantime, the committee has issued a long list of subpoenas in an effort to trace information and collect testimony – and has taken steps to show that non-compliance will have consequences.

The committee has also begun the process of holding former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clarke in contempt of Congress, but halted that process so that he could have another chance to testify before the committee as he said that he wants to claim Fifth Amendment protection. ,
Still, as Democrats look ahead to what could be a challenging midterm election, the party is anticipating the political application of violent rebellion both publicly and privately. Some in the party, without dismissing the seriousness of the attacks, argue that Democrats need to prioritize other issues on the campaign trail.
“Most everyday people are concerned about getting their kids a good education, about getting paid, making sure their roads are fine, being able to connect to high-speed internet,” said the Democratic president. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper Governors Association, said in December. “Issues of the political process, I’ve never been a real fan of making them a central part of messaging.”

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