Decision within which vaccine will be given as a booster

India will soon introduce booster shots for senior citizens.

New Delhi: Dr NK Arora, Chairman of the country’s COVID Task Force, told NDTV today that the vaccines would be given in the form of boosters within two days, on which a decision would be taken.

Amid a worrying surge, booster shots for health and frontline workers and people above 60 will begin on January 10.

Today, nearly a year after the government launched the world’s largest vaccination campaign, vaccinations for the 15-18 age group began. While teenagers are being given Covaxin, it is not clear which vaccines will be given as booster shots.

“‘So now we have five-six vaccines. But the decision is up to adults, including our frontline health workers and other service providers and those (who are) plus 60 plus and[with]co-morbidities. To be given The vaccine will be decided, I think tomorrow or day after tomorrow and will basically be based on science as to what will be the best and available experience within the country, and it will be available transparently and communicated to the community,” Dr Arora said. Told NDTV today. an exclusive interview.

Corbevax and Covovax are two new vaccines that the government recently approved for emergency use. Covishield and Sputnik are other vaccines currently being given to adults.

Can new vaccines be considered for booster shots? “So I won’t be able to answer that question.” At this point in time, as I said over the next couple of days, a decision is going to be made. And as new evidence comes out, we should be aware that both of these vaccines have also been evaluated in children. So, these are vaccines that have a very wide range of possible uses.”

India is in the third wave of COVID-19, Dr Arora confirmed, adding that Omicron – which has prompted a coronavirus spike across the world – is by far the major strain in the country’s metros.

Some studies conducted in the United Kingdom – where the new version is causing an increase in infections – show that a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine can provide up to 88 percent protection against hospitalization from infection by Omicron.

In India, will booster shots be given to other age groups soon? “So we’ll make a decision based on the best scientific evidence, okay. We also know that people around the world who are getting boosters or if you’ve got boosters, or got a third dose, are having success transitions because of Omicron. We have the UK examples, we have the USA examples, and Israel is going for the fourth dose as well. So this is a very rapidly changing scientific landscape, and a public health landscape, we will take all these factors into consideration before taking a decision,” Dr Arora told NDTV today.

The country recorded over 33,000 fresh infections today. Till a few days ago, the daily bounce was below the 10,000 mark.

Several states have now rolled back restrictions to check the spread.


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