‘In history, they have outlawed gold’: billionaire Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio, the billionaire founder of the world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, has warned crypto investors around the world that a bitcoin boycott on a global scale is a possibility. Speaking on the Investor’s Podcast Network, Dalio said that governments around the world could collectively outlaw bitcoin, an unregulated and decentralized digital asset, currently priced at $46,939 (about Rs 34.92 lakh) on international exchanges. doing business on. The main reason Dalio supported his opinion was that bitcoin itself could become a dangerous alternative currency, challenging the authorities of central banks around the world.

“In history, they have outlawed gold and they have outlawed silver, and so on, and they may have outlawed bitcoin. Every government, according to a report from Bitcoin.com, quoted Dalio. Wants a monopoly in its currency.

Despite admitting to owning bitcoin and ether as part of his diversified portfolio, the billionaire has been consistently skeptical about the growth of the crypto space.

In May 2021, he stated that the success of cryptocurrencies would usher in a number of stricter regulations in the financial sector. Later in September, Dalio said that if bitcoin turns out to be a huge success, regulators will kill the cryptocurrency.

Dalio’s approach to crypto is in stark contrast to that of his contemporary Michael Sailor, CEO of US-based business intelligence firm Microstrategy.

Sailor, who often compares bitcoin to gold, recently predicted that the world’s oldest cryptocurrency, bitcoin, could reach $6 million per token value (about Rs 45 crore) in the coming years.

The 56-year-old businessman reportedly holds at least 17,732 bitcoin tokens, which is currently worth around $860 million (approximately Rs 6,468 crore).

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