After claims of PM’s remarks on farmers in Meghalaya

Satya Pal Malik’s video has gone viral where he can be heard making sensational claims.

New Delhi: The Congress on Monday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to clarify on Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik’s allegations that he was “arrogant” on the farmers’ issue and demanded an unconditional apology if it is true.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that the Prime Minister should come forward and tell the truth to the country and the Governor should be sacked for not speaking the truth.

“The whole nation is shocked by the text of the conversation between the BJP-appointed Governor Malik and the Prime Minister on the farmers’ movement.”

The Congress leader said the “anti-farmer” and “insensitive” face of Prime Minister Modi, his government and the BJP has been exposed.

“If Governor Malik is lying, he should be sacked and an FIR should be lodged against him. But if he is not lying, then Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah should come forward and help the working people of India.” Farmers and agricultural laborers should be apologized. Otherwise, they will never forgive them,” the Congress chief spokesperson told reporters.

“We demand that the Prime Minister and the Home Minister should tender an unconditional apology to the farmers and tell them by when will the compensation be given to the families of the farmers who died (during the protest against agriculture laws),” he said.

Targeting PM Modi, he said, ‘Prime Minister, is this the language of the person holding the highest public office and chosen by the farmers. Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge asked PM Modi whether Malik’s remarks were correct.

Mr Kharge also shared on Twitter a video clip of Malik from an event in Haryana, in which he is saying that the Prime Minister was “arrogant” when he went to meet him on the farmers’ issue and had a fight with them within five minutes.

Malik claimed in the video that PM Modi was unwilling to believe that farmers who protested against the Centre’s three agriculture laws last year died because of him and instead, asked him to meet Mr Shah.

“The Governor of Meghalaya, Mr. Satya Pal Malik is on record saying that PM was ‘arrogant’ on farmers’ issue and Home Minister Amit Shah called PM ‘mad’. Constitutional officers show such contempt towards each other. Speaking with!” Mr Kharge tweeted.

“Narendra Modi ji is this true?” Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha asked.

In the video clip, Malik can also be heard saying that when he met Shah, Shah told him that “people have ruined his (Modi’s) vision” and that he should keep on meeting the prime minister.

The Congress too shared Malik’s comments on its Twitter handle, alleging that so many farmers have died because of Modi’s arrogance.

“Due to PM Modi’s arrogance, farmers agitated on streets for a whole year. PM Modi realized his mistake as soon as elections came and withdrew agricultural laws, but farmers of the country will never forget the pain and sting Nor will I forgive this mistake,” Congress said on its official Twitter handle.

“It was PM Modi’s arrogance about agricultural laws that forced farmers to agitate on roads for more than a year and more than 700 farmers were killed. Countrymen have paid a big price for PM Modi’s arrogance ,” it alleged.

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra hit out at Modi, alleging that he has an “anti-farmer” mentality and that “false apologies” or withdrawal of laws will not make any difference.

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah tweeted, “This man was his crooked man in J&K, now he bites off the hand that fed him. People of J&K can attest to Mr. Malik’s unreliability.”

Reacting to Malik’s allegation, Rajasthan Chief Minister and Congress leader Ashok Gehlot said, “I don’t think Shah can use such language for the prime minister.” “Today only two people are ruling the country. There are only two faces – Modi and Shah. If he has spoken such words, it is a kind of understatement,” Gehlot told reporters in Jaipur.

Mr. Malik later told NDTV that Mr. Shah did not mean to disrespect Prime Minister Modi. “The Prime Minister was not ready to listen… He tried to dismiss my concerns… and said ‘meet Amit Shah’. Amit Shah respects Modi ji a lot. He told me that people mislead the Prime Minister. ‘Ek din PM it samjhegenge (Farmers’ dispute with three laws)’, I was told. I want to clarify that Mr. Shah did not say anything ill-intentioned about the Prime Minister. He only told me that That my concerns would be understood,” Mr Malik said.

Mr Surjewala said that never in the history of the country has any Prime Minister dared to say “what if 500 farmers die” about the toiling farmers of India.

“Insulting his memory by none other than the Prime Minister himself is indeed most regrettable and condemnable,” he said.

“We demand that today please come forward and announce compensation to the kin of 700 farmers. The PM should also announce government jobs for the kin of those farmers who were killed during the agitation,” he said.

Surjewala said that PM Modi should announce the withdrawal of every single case filed against farmers, whether in Uttar Pradesh or Haryana, and by when these “false” cases will be withdrawn.

He said that PM Modi should announce the formation of a committee to decide on the mandatory MSP architecture.

“It should not only be constituted in the next 24 hours, but also submit its report within 30 days so that the farmers know what is the way forward on the grant of MSP for their produce. This is at least from the Prime Minister. is expected to. .” “You cannot remain silent now, Mr. Prime Minister. You cannot remain silent anymore, otherwise it will be proved that the Prime Minister works only for a handful of crony capitalists and is really arrogant, insensitive and incontinent. The toiling farmers and Demands of agricultural labourers,” Mr Surjewala said.

The Congress leader said that those farmers did not die for BJP or Modi, but to protect the food security of the country and justice can be done to 62 crore farmers and agricultural labourers.


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