Set of 2 MaxAuto 26×12-12 26x12x12 Turf Tires for Lawn & Garden Mower,4 Ply Tubeless

Price: $238.99
(as of Jan 18,2022 03:43:22 UTC – Details)

   Product Description 

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      <h3 class="a-spacing-mini"> About MaxAuto Brand </h3> 
      <p class="a-spacing-base"> &gt;&gt;Focus on high-quality speciality tire manufacturer<br> In 1997, we began to invest in the development and production of ATV tires. Since then, we continue to expand our technical capabilities, production capacity and research and development.<br> With a comprehensive range of applications and broad product line, and an annual output of 80 million sets, we highlight our industry leadership in the speciality tire and continue to maintain our innovation and creativity.<br><br>&gt;&gt;Our Advantage<br> We offer the best quality - worldwide. All major production technology and machines own designs; we have established production bases around the world. America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia This is how we ensure that all our products the same quality standards worldwide. </p> 

      <h3 class="a-spacing-mini"> How to Read a Tire? </h3> 

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         Tire Specifications: </p> 
        <p> Size: 26X12-12 </p> 
        <p> Ply Rating: 4 </p> 
        <p> TT/TL: Tubeless </p> 
        <p> Max Load(Lbs): 1780 </p> 
        <p> PSI: 20 </p> 
        <p> Load/Speed Index: 10A3 </p> 
        <p> Tread Depth (mm): 9.8 </p> 
        <p> Rim Width (in): 10.5 </p> 
        <p> Section Width(mm): 312 </p> 
        <p> OD(mm): 650 </p> 
        <p> Tire Type: Lawn &amp; Garden Tire </p> 

      <h3 class="a-spacing-mini"> When to Replace? </h3> 

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        <p> How to maintain your tires? 
        Regular test of fetal pressure. 
         Regularly check the wear of tires. 
         Remove the small stones and other foreign objects in the tires. 
         Rotation of tires on time. 
         Timing four round positioning. 
         Timely repair. 

      <h3 class="a-spacing-mini"> Why Choose Our Tire? </h3> 

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        <p> The role of unique pattern design 
        Increase the tire and the ground friction; 
         Reduce tire noise to enhance comfort; 
         For the tire cooling, drainage; 
         Improve vehicle handling performance; 

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        <p> The advantages of our service </p> 
        <p> 1.Our factory has the professional R&amp;D team and strong production capacity. </p> 
        <p> 2.Seller fulfilled Prime. </p> 

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        <p> The advantages of our brand tires </p> 
        <p> 1.Our tires adopt a special rubber formula, wear resistance, anti-aging and heat resistance than other brands of tires </p> 
        <p> 2.Unique pattern design </p> 

  <br>Set of 2 26x12-12 26x12x12 Turf Tires for Lawn & Garden Mower,4 Ply Tubeless<br>Prior to purchase, please check the size of the original tire on your vehicle to ensure the size of the tire to be purchased is correct.<br>Size: 26X12-12;4 Ply Rating;Tubeless;Max Load: 1780Lbs;PSI: 20;Load/Speed Index: 10A3;Tread Depth: 9.8mm;Rim Width: 10.5";Section Width: 312mm;OD: 650mm.<br>This tire is a popular replacement for many kind of lawn mower tires, riding lawn mower tires, lawn tractor tires, garden tractor tires, garden tractor pulling tires, and more.<br>We ship your orders depending on their weight, when you make a single purchase of two or more tires, these tires will be packed in multiple packages which may not arrive at their destination at the same time.

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