Abortion providers go back to Supreme Court in long-distance bid

The lengthy bid from providers is her latest attempt to revive her challenge to the law, four months after it took effect, to block abortion in the country’s second-largest state.

Last month, the Supreme Court allowed the controversial law to remain in effect, but it cleared a limited path for providers to prosecute a handful of licensing authorities in the state for preventing them from enforcing the law. The court’s decision was a devastating blow to advocates of abortion rights, who hoped the judges would block the law altogether. Instead, the case was returned to a conservative federal appeals court.
Supreme Court Allows Texas Abortion Law To Continue, But Says Providers Can Sue

The current controversy centers on whether the Court of Appeals should immediately return the remainder of the providers’ case to a district court judge who has expressed deep doubts about the law, or whether the case is the conservative-leaning 5th US Circuit Court. may remain in the off-appeals. For proceedings that may take months to resolve, there may be further delays in the case of providers.

The 5th Circuit – which ruled in favor of the law during the first phase of the trial – is set to argue the case on Friday.

In a legal filing filed Monday night, lawyers for the Center for Reproductive Rights accused the appeals court of unnecessarily delaying the case and said it should have immediately referred the dispute back to the district court.

“Absent intervention by the Court, the Fifth Circuit stands ready to consider the questions already decided by the Court in direct violation of this Court’s mandate, and the further resolution of the matter in the District Court for at least weeks, and potentially months. or more is delayed.” Mark Herron, attorney for the providers, told the court.


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