DISHWASHER SAFE KYA25 Rainbow Titanium Cutlery Knife Set, Marco Almond 14-Piece Kitchen Knives Block Sets, Black

Price: $89.99 - $69.99
(as of Jan 26,2022 11:28:31 UTC – Details)

     Product Description 

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                 Beautiful Gift Package Design  
                 This KYA25 knife set will come with a gift package box, it is a perfect &amp; attract present for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Housewarmings, Birthday, New Year, Thanksgiving and other special day. </p> 

                 8" Chef Knife  
                <p> 8" Chef Knife -- all-purpose kitchen knife that can be not only used for chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing but also any ingredient. </p> 

                 A Set for All Your Kitchen Cutting  
                <p> Marco Almond are well suited for daily use at home in restaurant or kitchen.14 Pieces kitchen knives set includes: 1pc-8"Chef knife, </p> 
                <p> 1pc-8"Slicing knife, </p> 
                <p> 1pc-8"Bread knife, </p> 
                <p> 1pc-7"Santoku knife, </p> 
                <p> 1pc-5"Utility knife, </p> 
                <p> 1pc-3.5" Paring knife, </p> 
                <p> 6pcs 4.5" Steak knife, </p> 
                <p> 1pc-all-purpose kitchen shears, </p> 
                <p> 1pc-butcher wooden knife block. </p> 

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                   Premium Professional Good Looking Knives  
                  <p class="a-size-small"> KYA25 Eye catching Rainbow Titanium Knife sets are made of high quality stainless steel which is rust proof and durable. Perfect for both professional and beginner. No rust, stains and pitting here! The knives are sturdy enough to keep it durable for several years. </p> 

                   8"Bread Knife  
                  <p class="a-size-small"> Use this 8"Bread Knife for bread and cake cutting,or cutting other soft food. </p> 

                   Natural Hardwood Block  
                  <p class="a-size-small"> All knives store safely in the natural hardwood knife block for space efficient storage.This knife block goes beautifully with any kitchen decoration and keep knives tidy! </p> 

                   7" Santoku Knife  
                  <p class="a-size-small"> Use this 7" Santoku knife for chopping vegetables and other smaller sized ingredients. </p> 

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            <h3 class="a-spacing-mini"> Why Choose Marco Almond KYA25 Rainbow Titanium Knife Set? </h3> 
            <p> 1.Incredibly sharp, made of high quality stainless steel makes the knives sturdy enough to keep durable for years. </p> 
            <p> 2.We are a professional knives manufacturer that more than 10 years, provide all kinds of quality knives. </p> 
            <p> 3. Eye catching Rainbow Titanium craftsmanship makes this knife set beautiful to decor your kitchen. </p> 
            <p> 4. A value set for all cutting needs, sharp and durable for both home and pro use. </p> 
            <p> 5. Beauty Looking Rainbow Titanium Knife Set, ergonomically designed handle for strength, comfort, perfect grip and control. </p> 
            <p> WARM NOTE: </p> 
            <p> 1,These knives are dishwasher safe, you can wash them not only by hand but also by machine. </p> 
            <p> 2,To protect the glossiness of the knives, please dry them immediately after hand washing. </p> 

              Package Quantity   
               Stainless Steel   
               Stainless Steel   
              Built-in Sharpener   
               Black Handle, Rainbow Knife with Graphite Block   
               Black Handle, Rainbow Titanium Knives Set with Blade Guard   
               Black ABS Handle, Stainless Steel Knives Set with Graphite Block   
               Stainless Steel Knife Set with Black Block   
               Stainless steel knives with walnut-tone block   
               Golden Blade/Black Handle   
              Care Instruction   
               Dishwasher Safe   
               Dishwasher Safe   
               Hand Wash   
               Hand Wash   
               Hand Wash   
               Hand Wash   
               Marco Almond   
               Marco Almond   
               Marco Almond   
               Marco Almond   
               Marco Almond   
               Marco Almond   

    <br>Eye Catching Knives Set – Marco Almond knife sets are are made of premium quality stainless steel to make them durable and long lasting. Each knife is coated with Titanium that creates a very soothing rainbow color effect. Stainless Steel material adds quality and Titanium coating provides a very beautiful look and decor as if they are art pieces. They are constructed differently with finely sharpened blades; each suitable for unique cutting jobs.<br>A Value Set for all Cutting Needs – Marco Almond are well suited for daily use at home in restaurant or kitchen. They are suitable for almost everything like cutting meat, fish, chopping fruits, vegetables, herbs, hardest bread crusts, hard cheese etc. 14 Pieces kitchen knives set includes: 1pc-8"Chef knife, 1pc-8"Slicing knife,1pc-8"Bread knife,1pc-7"Santoku knife, 1pc-5"Utility knife, 1pc-3.5" Paring knife, 6pcs 4.5" Steak knife, 1pc-all-purpose kitchen shears, 1pc-butcher wooden knife block.<br>Convenient Design for Home and Professional Use – Marco Almond knife Rainbow Titanium Cutlery Knife Set comprises of 8 different types of knives to satisfy every type of cutting need at home or restaurant kitchen. These innovative designed knives are simply unique. Each of the elements of these knives adds elegance and proves that these knives are not only devices in the kitchen but could add the decor to any kitchen.<br>High Quality- Marco Almond knives are made of quality stainless steel and coated with titanium which are rust proof. This knife set is shipped in a gift box and each of the knives comes with a sheath that ensures no hurts while shipping as well as in daily use. These knives are sturdy enough to keep it durable for several years.<br>Product Care – Since these knives are Titanium coated it is advisable to wash with tap water and wipe with a soft cloth to maintain their brilliance. Do not let them dry of their own; instead using kitchen towel to dry them while they are wet. Dumping in washing machine could make them look dull over a period and losing their elegance.

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