EKWB EK-CryoFuel Premix PC Coolant, 1000mL, Acid Green, 2-Pack

Price: $51.75
(as of Jan 18,2022 10:22:12 UTC – Details)

The EK-CryoFuel is a new revolutionary coolant for PC liquid cooling systems. EK-CryoFuel is the most chemically stable coolant that provides enthusiasts and gamers with the best possible level of performance and thermal efficiency with emphasis on color stability. EK-CryoFuel coolant is a pure, non-toxic coolant based on the patent pending chemical formula, which prevents the creation of any sediments in the liquid cooling loop. Liquid cooling users can rest assured that the EK-CryoFuel coolant, with its very low viscosity, will not clog or damage their water blocks and other parts of the loop when used with EK-DuraClear or EK-ZMT tubing. Does not contain ethylene glycol or a bittering agent.Model: TR-3831109813294-2P
High quality concentrated pigments for intense, vivid and saturated colors
Thermal efficient and non-toxic formula
Low electrical conductivity
Compatible with Acrylic, PETG, POM Acetal, rubber (NBR, EPDM, and Norprene) materials
Eco-friendly (90% biodegradable in 10 days)

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