Babul Supriyo Kovid +ve for the third time, want the price

Former Union Minister and Trinamool Congress leader Babul Supriyo has tested positive for COVID for the third time.

The former MP, who quit the BJP in July last year after he was asked to step down as a Union minister and later join the Mamata Banerjee-led party, posted on Twitter that he had married his wife, The father and K had tested positive for the infection. Multiple staff members.

He also raised concerns over the high cost of the COVID cocktail shot, which needs to be administered to critically ill people. He said that when he had to buy the shot for his 84-year-old father and wondered how people from the underprivileged would buy it.

“Me, my wife, dad, many employees, hv all tested positive but my worry is the exorbitant price of cocktail jab 61000/- which needs to be given SOS to critically ill #COVID19 patients. Dad who is 84 years old When SOS was required and I want to buy it on the spot. How can EWS afford it?

Underlining that even those receiving both the shots of the vaccine are not immune to the fresh infection, the former MP urged the government to make this SOS jab available in government hospitals at the earliest.

Mr Supriyo said that he first tested positive for COVID in November 2020. His mother, who was infected at the same time, passed away. He tested positive for the second time in April 2021 during the second Covid wave in the country.

He said that now that very few people are wearing masks, there is no way of detecting the infection now.


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