Capt Amarinder Singh is a traitor, he has been thrown out

New Delhi: Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu attacked former Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and talked about the upcoming assembly elections in the state during an interview to NDTV.

Here are the highlights of this big story:

  1. “The problem with you is that you don’t like the captain (Amarinder Singh), your reply: When your captain is a puppet of the opponent he is a traitor (traitor). He (Amarinder Singh) is a burnt cartu. Power done),” Mr Sidhu said.
  2. Sidhu stands for issues. We are facing a huge fiscal deficit. The budget is Rs 140 crore and the debt is Rs 75 crore. 25,000 crores is the interest on it. Rs 18,000 crore will be exhausted in June this year. ,
  3. “Arvind Kejriwal is offering 1,000 to 18-year-olds, why not a 17-year-old? It’s just an election stunt.” They said.
  4. “Captain (Amarinder Singh) Looks like a salable man today (Amarinder Singh seems like a man who has sold his principles),” he said.
  5. Sidhu, being an open critic of his party, said, “How long will we stay behind closed doors? Tried to tell the Captain (Amarinder Singh), but nothing happened.”
  6. “Have I taken his name? Look at my patience. I haven’t spoken against anyone. Tell me what I said.” aerial things (It’s empty talk),” he said while talking about taking his home minister.

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