Crypto Index IC15 Rolled Out in India by Crypto Wire, Will

Cryptocurrency app Cryptowire has rolled out the IC15 index in India which will monitor the performance of 15 most traded cryptocurrencies in the world. CryptoWire is a specialized business unit (SBU) of crypto statistics provider Tickerplant. According to a press release from the company, the launch aims to increase awareness and knowledge about the crypto and blockchain ecosystem and further the “learn before you earn” concept among investors. The development comes at a time when India is witnessing a boom in adoption of the crypto culture, despite prevailing concerns around regulation.

The Governance Committee of the IC15 Index consists of domain experts, industry professionals, as well as academics. They will maintain, monitor and administer the index, rebalancing it every quarter.

“Our approach is to facilitate market development and substantially reduce risk by offering all possible tools to evaluate prospects and make decisions. We want all participants to use this research-oriented, market tracking approach. Make full use of the technology-driven opportunity,” said Jigish Sonagara, Managing Director and CEO, Cryptowire, in a statement.

To be eligible for this list, a cryptocurrency needs to be traded on at least 90 percent of trading days during the review period and be in the top 50 in terms of market capitalization circulating during the previous month, among other criteria. needed.

As of January 1, 2022, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and Solana occupy the top four positions on the IC15 index.

This index can help the growing number of crypto investors in India make informed decisions.

Several studies by research firms like Watcher Guru and BrokerChoice have shown that India has the largest number of crypto investors in the world. This number is around 100 crores.

The country is yet to announce regulatory laws around the crypto sector.

India’s much-awaited crypto bill, which was due to reach the parliamentary table during its winter session, was sent to the cabinet for approval earlier this month. There has been no official word on the bill since then.

The bill calls for a ban on the operation of all private cryptocurrencies in the country, as well as notes that the Reserve Bank of India is working on bringing in a centralized national digital currency.

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