Hackers breached Florida health care system, potentially

Social Security numbers, patient medical history and bank account information have been exposed in a breach by Broward Health, a network of more than 30 health care facilities serving approximately 2 million individual patients in Broward County, Florida. Filed with the Maine Attorney General’s Office of the Health Care Provider Notice.

About 470 of the victims of the data breach live in Maine. Like other states, Maine law requires organizations that hold personal data of state residents to file disclosure if it is hacked.

This is one of several cyber incidents that have rattled the health sector during the pandemic, as cybercriminals have left no stone unturned to steal data from hospitals and try to profit from it. A ransomware attack on the Los Angeles chapter of Planned Parenthood in October compromised the personal information of nearly 400,000 patients.

In the case of Broward Health, there is no indication that unknown hackers had any effect on patient care and medical equipment. It is also not clear whether ransomware was involved in the incident.

Spokesmen for Broward Health did not immediately respond to phone calls and emails seeking comment on who was responsible for the breach and whether ransomware was involved. Mark Krotosky, listed as Broward Health’s attorney in the breach notice, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The intruders accessed Broward Health’s computer network through a “third-party medical provider,” according to the breach notice, an incident that exposed hospitals and other organizations to the risk of hackers through their supply chains.

“This personal information was removed or removed from Broward Health’s systems, however, there is no evidence that the information was actually misused by the intruder,” the breach notice said.


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