Munchkin shocks Democrats by signaling protest

Munchkin’s comments come as his party is launching a full-court press run to pressure him and his fellow liberal Democrats, Sen. Kirsten Cinema of Arizona, that would allow Democrats to pass voting legislation.

Schumer has set a January 17 deadline — Martin Luther King Day — for the Senate to vote on a change in rules if Republicans continue to block the law. But Munchkin and Cinema have repeatedly clarified that they oppose getting rid of Filbuster, which sets a 60-vote limit that requires bipartisan cooperation to pass most laws in the current Senate where Democrats control only 50 seats.

Munchkin and Cinema have repeatedly expressed concern over the long-term implications for the country if the majority can act on the minority party at will, without being controlled by filibuster.

Asked by CNN whether he was prepared to use the nuclear option — a process that could be used to override filibuster rules by a simple majority — to pass changes to voting laws, Manchin said. Expressed skepticism, saying there would be a “heavy lift”. ,

“I say it’s a heavy lift because once you change a rule or you do a carving, I’ve always said this – whenever there’s a carving, you eat the whole turkey. Nothing Saved because it comes back and forth,” he said.

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Manchin has previously indicated that any rule changes should be made on a bipartisan basis, meaning he will oppose filibuster fangs along party lines to pass voting legislation. West Virginia reiterated Tuesday that his position remains, “that’s my absolute priority” when asked if he would not be willing to change the rules without a Republican buy-in.

“I’ve always been for the rules the way we’ve always done, with two-thirds of the members voting. Either way you can change the rules where everyone is involved, it’s a rule that usually will stay. That’s it. We are to be chased,” said Munchkin.

Democrats are under enormous pressure to pass voting legislation, which is a major priority for their voters. That pressure has only intensified now that President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act, a bill to expand the social safety net and fight climate change, has prompted Munchkin to not support it in its current form. Can do, has stopped.

Senate Republicans have blocked earlier attempts by Democrats to pass the voting bills, declaring them as reckless and unnecessary partisan redundancies. Each time, liberal activists have intensified calls for Senate Democrats to get rid of the filibuster or change it so that Democrats can pass a voting bill with only 51 votes and without Republican support.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer acknowledged in an interview on CNN on Tuesday that Munchkin and Cinema are not yet on board with the push to replace the filibuster to pass the voting law, but said Democrats would consider them to change their mind. Working to put pressure on.

“The rules have changed in the past. This is an important point that we (Sen.) Munchkin and Sen are making for cinema,” Schumer said. “When circumstances change, the rules must change. Well wow, circumstances have definitely changed with this new Republican Party.”

Munchkin said he was willing to talk about what options exist, but indicated he was not committed to any changes.

Manchin said, “I’m talking. I don’t agree to any of this, I want to talk and see all the options open to us. That’s what we’re looking at.”

“We are still negotiating voting because I think the basis of democracy is making sure you are able to vote. If you are legal, of age, and a citizen of the United States, you vote. Must be able to cast and it should be counted correctly,” he said.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin said Tuesday he’s looking at two big changes to filibuster rules: forcing senators to hold the floor when they filebuster — a so-called talking filibuster — or changing the Voting Rights Act 51 A carve, instead of 60, to allow it to proceed with the votes.

CNN’s Morgan Rimmer contributed to this report.


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