Trucker shares his food with other motorists stranded for hours

A drink and a Jimmy Dean bacon, egg and cheese breakfast bowl.

Jean-Carlo Gachet said he had a few days' worth of food in his truck and microwave.

“He was shocked when I – when he first opened the door, and you know, I was saying, ‘Hey, I just made you a hot breakfast and a cup of fruit punch,'” said trucker Jean-Carlo Gachet. told CNN. From the cab of his vehicle, still unable to get into Virginia.

He had left his home near Richmond with food for several days in his truck.

Gachet has been stuck on Interstate 95 near Dale City, Virginia, since 1 a.m. Tuesday. He was on a leg of his journey that had led him with cargo to Georgia. The second car was also stuck for seven hours.

Gachet used his microwave and heated the food bowl.

Motorists have been stranded on a major interstate in Virginia since last night

“It was him and his mom, and they were both really admirable,” Gachett said. “It was a really cool moment.”

At the time CNN spoke to Gachet on Tuesday afternoon, the highway around it had yet to reopen. Virginia transportation officials said the road should be clear of vehicles running out of gas by the end of the day.

Gachet said he still hoped to finish his load by the due date of Wednesday morning.

“But it may be delayed,” he said with a sharp smile.


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