CES 2022: Highlights of this year’s tech conference

In addition to laptops, tablets, and smartphones, the event will include a number of oddball gadgets, including dehumidifying earbuds (yes, you read that right), smart light bulbs that monitor your sleep, and even smart bath technology that’s integrated into the bathtub. Lets fill it by itself.

Here’s a look at some of the busiest products to watch at CES 2022 based on the company’s announcements and a press day Tuesday.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 FE 5G smartphone – FE stands for “Fan Edition” – borrows some of the best features from its existing S21 line and packages it into a more affordable device. The smartphone, which starts at $699 and is available January 11, is priced at Rs. $100 less than last year’s S21 for the same processor, refresh rates, and triple camera system. Featuring a 6.4-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, it is slightly larger than the S21 and comes with an aluminum frame, a slight camera bump from the side of the phone, and a fingerprint scanner. It may not be as flashy as the S21, but the cheaper price and different colors – olive, lavender, white or silver – Might make it a compelling choice.

Dell’s Alienware Flexible Gaming Setup

Alienware, Dell’s gaming hardware division, showed off a gaming setup called the Concept Nyx, which will allow you to go from playing games on a PC in the bedroom to a TV screen in the living room where a gamer left off. Shut down using a single controller. The systems, currently still in the prototype stage, will rely on edge computing, which can mean higher bandwidth and less lag when they are playing.

Sengled Smart Light Bulb

Sengold's Smart Light Bulb
Sengold’s new smart light bulb tracks your sleeping patterns without requiring you to wear a smartwatch. The lighting company has added radar technology to its bulbs that monitor biometric measurements such as heart rate, body temperature and other vital signs. According to the company, multiple Bluetooth-enabled bulbs used together in a home “to help detect human behavior and determine if someone has fallen and can send for help,” a mesh network can make.

Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder

BirdBuddy Smart Bird Feeder A bird feeder with a camera
If you’ve ever wished to get up close and personal with feathered friends who visit your backyard, the Bird Buddy — a $199 camera-enabled bird feeder — can help. The feeder, which is available for pre-order now and ships in June, connects to your home WiFi network, captures photos and video of incoming birds, and streams live to an app on your phone. Is. The app uses artificial intelligence to tell you what types of birds you’re watching, and will save an album tracking bird visitors’ history to share with family and friends.

Kohler Smart Bath Technology

Tired of waiting for your bathtub to fill up at the end of the day? Most people probably never thought of this as much of an issue, but Kohler has announced new “PerfectFill Smart Bathing” technology that lets users set their preferences (and that of their kids or partner) for bath temperature and fill level. ) to preset, and shower with a voice command. The product, which starts at $2,700, hasn’t shipped yet, but the company has a link on its website to notify customers when it becomes available.

Dog nose prints, temporary tattoo printer and dehumidifier earbuds

Patano is an AI-powered smartphone application that recognizes dogs with unique patterns on their noses.
Samsung’s C-Lab Startup — the company’s internal accelerator Program – This year did not disappoint, with some unusual but delightful products. The Petano app lets you use a print of your dog’s nose to identify them if they are lost, instead of using implanted microchips. The app uses AI to analyze unique wrinkles in a dog’s nose – which remain unchanged over time, like fingerprints – and aims to help pets reconnect with owners.
Pryker Korea’s app creates temporary tattoos by selecting a design and then printing it onto your skin via a handheld device, starting at $199. And Linkface’s earbuds — Bluetooth-enabled earbuds — track moisture inside the ear, which manufacturers say causes bacterial overgrowth, as well as releasing light and heat to reduce sticky and moist ear canals. . (The startup exceeded its Kickstarter goal last year, but it withheld funding due to issues with sourcing parts for the earbuds and said it planned to redesign the product.)

John Deere Self Driving Tractor

John Deere has long offered tractors with GPS-guided automatic steering, but its latest model, coming later this year, will reach all farms automatically. The autonomous farm tractor packs six stereo cameras and plenty of sensors, so farmers can monitor its progress using a smartphone app that provides real-time data and video. Meanwhile, the built-in AI will keep track of obstacles or problems. If something feels wrong, the tractor can stop and ask the farmer for help.

dell xps 13 plus laptop

dell xps 13 plus
Dell made some significant changes to its XPS 13 laptop, most notably with a “capacitive function row” in place of the F key—which lets you adjust brightness and volume—not unlike Apple’s controversial Digital Touch Bar. But early reviews applaud the change, plus the introduction of glass haptic trackpads, a growing trend in thin laptops. The sleek premium laptop will be available this spring starting at $1,100.

samsung freestyle

Samsung's newly announced Freestyle device

Samsung’s neat new Freestyle Gadget ($899) delivers the customizability of a Samsung Smart TV with the portability. Coming in under two pounds, versatile, Fancy Projector creates exciting entertainment experience at any time and any place. It will play music, display decorative lights, project videos on walls or ceilings as you lay in bed.

CNN Business’ Peter Valdes-Depena contributed to this story.


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