Leena Sadar Khil: FBI involved in search of missing 3-year-old child

Lena was last seen on December 20 when her mother briefly left her unattended at the playground. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said when the mother returned, her daughter was gone.

According to police, the FBI dive team is using special equipment and technology.

“He took off from Washington DC last night and stayed here all day,” McManus said during a news conference on Tuesday. “I wish I could be more uplifting. I know it feels like we’re on to something, but we’re just following the lead here. We don’t want to leave anything to chance. We get what we want.” Whatever the capacity is, we are following it.”

McManus declined to describe his belief in the leadership of the police.

“I mean, so far, none of the leads have gotten us to Lena, so I don’t know if you can compare them to that. It’s a lead, and we’re following it,” McManus said. he said.

According to CNN affiliate Caset, the child’s family is among refugees from Afghanistan in San Antonio, and it is unclear when the family immigrated to the United States.
Is in the Islamic Center of San Antonio $100,000 reward offered For anyone who can provide information that will help find Lina.

Police said he was last seen wearing a red dress, black jacket and black shoes. He weighs 55 pounds, has brown eyes and straight brown hair with light skin.

McManus encourages anyone interested to contact his department’s missing persons unit at 210-207-7660.


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