“Omicron Not Common Cold”: Center Counters It

India is witnessing a surge in Covid across the country

New Delhi: Omicron is not the common cold and it is a misconception that is spreading, the government’s top Covid adviser K Paul said today, the country’s top epidemiologist called the Omicron infection mild as a cold and said everyone would catch it. .

Dr Paul, head of the COVID task force, said, “Omicron is not the common cold. We are seeing this misconception spreading; it is our responsibility to slow it down. Let’s put on masks and get vaccinated, whatever is due.”

“It is a fact that vaccines are helpful to an extent. Vaccination is an important pillar of our COVID response,” he said while briefing reporters.

Yesterday, Jayaprakash Muliyil, a top epidemiologist at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), argued that the rules so far to tackle the pandemic need to be looked at thoroughly as Omicron was a much lighter version than Delta and was not terrifying.

Dr. Muliyil, chair of the scientific advisory committee and epidemiologist at ICMR’s National Institute of Epidemiology, said, “The result of a viral infection is now like a cold. We have to understand that we are pursuing a special kind of objective so far. ”

When pointed out that Omicron’s symptoms were far more severe and that the demand for oxygen beds had increased as the new variant began to race through the population, he said the infection was almost invulnerable and highly contagious, but that “the majority didn’t know.” Wouldn’t be what they’re doing.” are infected”.

“It’s a lot more contagious than Delta, but the results are different. There will be fewer hospitalizations. It’s no longer a catastrophic disease. Omicron is a disease you can deal with. A change of mindset is needed. When we May be fear is hovering over us?” Dr Muliyal said.

In India, the outbreak of Kovid is being seen all over the country. Kolkata’s positivity rate is a staggering 60%; The positivity rate of Mumbai is 27% and that of Delhi and Chennai is 23%.

Dr. Paul urged people to take Omicron seriously, saying, “Clearly, the Omicron version is dominating right now.” He warned that this could severely affect health care systems.

In Europe, Omicron is seen as the beginning of the end of the pandemic.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said on Tuesday that the spread of the omicron variant is pushing COVID into an endemic disease that humanity can live with.

“With increased immunity in the population – and with Omicron, there is a lot of natural immunity happening on top of vaccination – we are rapidly moving towards a scenario that will be close to endemic,” said Marco Cavallari, head of Amsterdam-based Told reporters about the vaccine strategy in the regulator.

But he insisted that “we must not forget that we are still in a pandemic”.


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