Ben Affleck doesn’t regret ‘Gigly’. finally they meet

In an Entertainment Weekly interview with his BFF Matt Damon, Affleck talked about the 2003 film, which put him in the loss column for a while but also left him winning because it was his former and now present. Love was the price of Jennifer Lopez.

,[Gigli] “It didn’t work and we did five weeks of reshoots that we knew wouldn’t work,” Affleck said. and because marty [Brest, “Gigli’ director] A brilliant director, really talented.

Furthermore Affleck believes that “being a film that is such a famous bomb and a disaster, very few people actually saw the film.”

Still, he added that if the film hadn’t been a flop, “I probably wouldn’t have finally decided, ‘I have no choice but to direct films,’ which has become a real love for me. Professionals.” life.”

Affleck has directed several films, including “Argo”, which won the Academy Award for Best Film.

Plus, Affleck finally got the girl.

“And I met Jennifer, a relationship with whom I have been really meaningful to me in my life,” he said.


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