‘Train Guards’ rechristened as ‘Train Managers’

Railways: Designation change comes in the midst of a makeover. (Representative)

New Delhi: According to an official order, Train Guards will now be called ‘Train Managers’ but they will retain their work profile and pay grade.

Officials said there has been a long-standing demand of the Railway Employees’ Unions to change the designation of the guards in charge of safe operation of the train.

The Railway Board in the order issued directions to re-designate the guards as ‘Train Managers’.

The Assistant Guard has been rechristened as ‘Assistant Passenger Train Manager’ and Senior Passenger Guard as ‘Senior Passenger Train Manager’.

The Railways underwent a redesign after effecting a corporate image change with the addition of the post of CEO to the post of Chairman, Railway Board.

Officials said while the railways is planning to allow private players to operate trains, these changes in nomenclature are natural and are in line with the modernization of the railways.

Officials also said that the demand was that the existing designation “train guard” became obsolete.

He said that the guards of the train are in charge of their respective trains.

“Therefore, it would be quite appropriate that the existing designation of Train Guard be changed to ‘Train Manager’ which would be an honorable designation for them without any financial implication, so that they may lead a dignified life in the society,” an official said. he said.


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