Flemoon [3 Pack] Outdoor Extension Cord Safety Cover with Waterproof Seal, Weatherproof Electrical Connection Box to Protect Outdoor Outlet, Plug, Socket, Christmas Holiday Decoration Light, Black

Price: $19.99 - $15.97
(as of Jan 20,2022 01:14:20 UTC – Details)

The Flemoon extension cord safety cover works with 18-16-14 gauge extension cord, as well as flat cable and braided wire.
It features with small size and light weight, which are great to protect cord hanging in the air. The 2 mounting holes and included cable ties make it flexible to place anywhere.


7.1 x 2.3 x 2.3 inch


Straight plug
18-14 gauge extension cord, braided wire and flat cable


Reinforced PP


Package Quantity:

To avoid electric shock, turn OFF the power switch before installation.
Step 1: Open the cover with the snap-lock lid and 4 corner clips.
Step 2: Place the cord connection and fasten the cord with the clamps.
Step 3: Close the cover with the 4 corner clips and snap-lock lid.
Step 4: Place the cover properly for protection.
The package comes with 2 cable ties. To hang the cover, insert them to the side holes and fasten the cable ties on the wall/tree/cord.

– Turn off the power switch before handling the cover.
– Do not bury the cover.
– Do not submerge the cover in water.
– To avoid breaking the seal, do not place more than one cable in each port.
– Store the cover indoor while not in use.

100% satisfaction guarantee
45-day money-back
18-month hassle-free replacement

Designed to keep cord connection secure and protected. Compact size and light weight are great to protect outlet/plug/socket/connection hanging in the air.
With the 4 corner clips, snap-lock lid, and rubber gaskets, this outdoor extension cord cover box is IP44 waterproof. Perfect to seal 14/16/18 gauge cord, braided cable and flat wire.
Made with heavy-duty reinforced PP material to withstand rain, snow, water, dust, dirt and more, continuously protecting outdoor connections from electrical hazard.
Easy to use, place the connection into the safety seal enclosure and clip the cord with the clamps. To hang the cover, use the included cable ties and insert them to the side mounting holes.
Ideal for a wide range of outdoor & indoor applications including lawn and garden power tools, Christmas holiday lighting, landscape decorations, pool pumps, fountains, fish ponds, patio heaters, air conditioners, security cameras and more.

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