Walgreens and CVS are temporarily closing some stores due to the Covid . turn off as

Walgreens ,wba, Said that, like in many industries, this latest surge in the Omicron version is putting a significant strain on its business in the short-term and driving demand, unlike “anything seen before”.

In a statement to CNN on Friday, Walgreens spokesman Chris Lathan said, “While most of our stores are open and operating with normal business hours, the increase in COVID-19 cases along with the ongoing labor shortage has resulted in There have been isolated instances where we had to adjust the hours of operation or temporarily close a limited number of stores.”

When deciding to adjust store hours, Lathan said the company makes every effort to minimize disruption for customers by selecting the days with “the lowest prescription demand.” She said that when the company temporarily closes a store, it directs certain pharmacy services to the nearest open Walgreens.

CVS said Friday that the lion’s share of its stores are operating during their normal weekend hours, according to Mike DeAngelis, executive director of CVS Corporate Communications. But he notes that “a small fraction of stores temporarily close on one or both days of the weekend to help address acute staffing issues amid both the Omicron boom and workforce shortages affecting nearly every industry and company.” It happens.”

The adjusted operating hours in these shops are temporary, he added.

According to Michelle Rothholz, chief of staff of the American Pharmacist Association, pharmacies are closing due to staffing pressure across the country.

“It’s a problem throughout the healthcare system, not just in the pharmacy,” Rothholz told CNN last month, “but our members are now constantly dealing with it, because of the growing demand for testing as well as COVID vaccinations, People who want to get a booster or even take their first dose.”

–Virginia Langmead contributed to this report


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