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Investment 15 January 2022

by: eric bleaker

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As a longtime technical stock analyst at The Motley Fool, I wake up every day and look forward to helping ordinary people like you identify and profit from some of the world’s most promising investment opportunities.

It’s hard to believe, but 2021 marks the 28-year anniversary of the founding of The Motley Fool by two legendary investors, David and Tom Gardner.

It really is amazing that Tom and David were able to publish an investment newsletter for the 300 or so clients from the shed behind David’s house…

From offices in as far-flung countries as Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan to serve millions of hardworking investors like you around the world.

David and Tom have scored a run together. And since I have the luxury of working with them, I know what they are most proud of is their ability to lead investors to some of the most life-changing investment returns ever seen in the market. . I am, of course, talking about companies like:

  • Amazon (above) 20,960,
  • Netflix (above) 27,900,
  • Nvidia (above) 6,779,
  • Baidu(up) 1,729,
  • (above) 3,217,

Those are the real investment recommendations we’ve shared with The Motley Fool community over the years – and the list goes on!

These incredible returns show the importance of buying and holding great companies – a core tenet here at The Motley Fool.

And that’s why I’m writing this today.

Because this track record, along with historically very profitable stocks to buy, can change the way you invest forever.

And that buy signal is flashing right now.

You see, twice every month, The Motley Fool’s analyst team researches a new stock and recommends it to members.

And as you have already seen, these choices can yield life-changing rewards.

However, every so often, we find a stock so good that we have to double it.

Many of us around the office call this re-recommendation a “home run by” sign.

and there is a stock bus in particular begging For one more recommendation.

But swing it for the fence… It’s not some shot in the dark.

Some last bets on the poker table.

This investing trick is straight from the playbook of one of the greatest investors of all time: Peter Lynch.

“Selling your winners and catching your losers is like cutting flowers and watering weeds” – Peter Lynch

Here at The Motley Fool, we take the same approach – add to your winners. And this is not an everyday occurrence.

But 96 times this has happened, the results have been spectacular:

  • netflix is ​​up 18,339, Since this “home run by” signal flashed in June 2007
  • Tesla, which received a “Home Run Buy” sign in November 2012, is up 16,099, since.

In fact, with this confidence in 96 stocks… The average return is an astonishing 635%…crushed the S&P 500 by almost 5x!

Of course, we’d never describe a stock as a “sure thing,” but the details behind this little internet company are impressive:

  • it is smaller than 1/100th Google Size.
  • Our every single recommendation is crushing the market.
  • Its young CEO has already invested $575 million in the stock since its IPO.

This company stands to benefit as more and more people ditch cable for streaming TV. And indeed, we believe this company’s critical technology may represent the final nail in the coffin for traditional cable.

Now it’s not some competitor to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video as you might expect. Instead, this company sits in the middle of the advertising market, which is more than 10X larger than the online streaming industry.

In an interview with Tom Gardner and his team, the CEO of this company called the present moment “the most exciting in the history of advertising.”

Of course, any CEO can say that just to promote and elevate the company’s share price… but this CEO is putting his money where his mouth is.

He’s betting his fortune – $575,715,640 to be exact – in what he’s calling the “ticking time bomb” of cable TV.

And here’s the real kicker…

Despite the tremendous success of this company over the years, most investors still have never heard of the name of this company!

That’s right, while everyone at CNBC and The Wall Street Journal is busy talking about blue-chip stocks like Apple and Facebook, this fairly small (yet fast-growing!) company has almost completely gone under the radar. is flying

And, while most investors have only been busy pouring more money into these famous tech stocks, we’re doing what the world’s biggest investors do — Looking for NEXT stock which can give returns of +1,000%, +2,000%, or +5,000%.

That’s why we’re turning the tables on this “home run buy” stock I started telling you about today — urging members of the Motley Fool investment community to buy shares before they potentially skyrocket. Did.

Look, I understand this may all sound too good to be true, but the returns of “home run buy” stocks are too good to ignore — and there’s no guarantee that the investing world will ever do this. Revisit the buy signal.

That’s why I want to show you the hard numbers behind this incredible stock and invite you to hear more about this strategy straight from the team of analysts — that way, you can decide for yourself whether you’re going to want to buy the stock. Want to buy this bullish stock – a growing company for your portfolio.

There is only one catch:

I’m only sharing stock details with members of The Motley Fool’s premier investment service, Motley Fool Stock Advisor,

Now, if you’re not familiar Motley Fool Stock Advisor Service, it is an award-winning online investment service created to provide easy-to-follow, monthly stock recommendations to individual investors.

That’s right! Every month, more than 1 million investors tune in to find out which stocks we believe investors should buy today.

So, because of the urgency of this recent development, we’ve put together a painstakingly researched report that shows you why this stock could be a “home run buy.”

It reveals the reasons we think every forward-thinking investor should pay attention to this revolutionary new industry and what could be a potentially life-changing investment opportunity.

This report is free to you when you sign up for it stock advisor Today.

Simply enter your email address below to learn more about this one “home run buy” stock we think you need in your portfolio.

“Ultimate Buy” returns are due until November 21, 2021. 96 Stock Events refer to all re-recommendations within Motley Fool Stock Advisor. All other returns are updated during market hours.

John McKay, CEO of Whole Foods Market, a subsidiary of Amazon, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Eric Blecker owns shares of Amazon and NVIDIA. The Motley Fool owns shares in Amazon, Baidu, Netflix, NVIDIA, and Tesla. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

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