Battlegrounds Mobile India rolls out with January update

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) developer Crafton is rolling out a new update for the popular battle royale game. As previously announced, the Spider-Man: No Way Home theme is the major highlight of the update. The latest 1.8.0 update brings UI improvements, allowing players to quickly select the desired match. With the update, players can take advantage of the new Livic: Aftermath theme until February 14. Once the new version is installed, the rank and normal match will be shown separately. The update also includes automatic marking. Along with the new features, the update is also coupled with some improvements to the existing elements in the game. Some players flagged issues regarding the January update and the company offered to fix it.

Crafton on Friday announced the rollout of the version 1.8.0 update for Battlegrounds Mobile India. The update for both Android and iOS will bring Spider-Man: No Way Home theme mode and the Aftermath game mode for players. It now has a different matching mode. With this, Season Tier Points will reflect in Ranked Matchmaking, and Season Tier Points will not be affected if the player plays in Normal Matchmaking. Crafton has added some changes to the UI so that users can easily choose the desired match.

Another highlight in the new update, Livic: Aftermath Mode can only be played in normal matches. This will not hurt the season tire point. In Livic: Aftermath: Firearms and Scope Mode players can kill enemies with automatic fire. Players will get ziplines for quick movement across the map with the new version. Additionally, there will be a communication tower to rescue fallen comrades.

BGMI players can see new supply stores in the map in Classic Mode, where they can exchange looted coins with supply items. Version 1.8.0 will have an indicator indicating the upcoming supply crate location. Regenerate items to recall defeated teammates that will be displayed throughout the map. Players need to retrieve ID cards from their boxes to revive defeated teammates.

The new 1.8.0 update brings improvements to firearms. There are also some improvements in the update. Issues with firing direction and aim, and bullet spread issues have been corrected by Display Resolution. BGMI will now allow knock out players to swim in the water. Also, in the new version, the in-map location name will be displayed in three dimensions.

Auto-jump with automatic marking and ping to find enemies are other new features purchased by the update. In addition, the company has added improvements to the receipt and outcome of reporting fraudsters. It will provide rewards for players with higher qualification levels.

After installing the January update, some users are facing problems with the game. Crafton has highlighted two issues and offered a solution to them. Users are recommended to access in-game customer service in case of discrepancies by tapping on the arrow in the lower right corner of the lobby > Settings > Basic > Customer Service.

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