“I’m so sorry I hurt you so badly”

Speaking on Friday’s sentencing, Dante Wright’s family asked that former Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, police officer Kim Potter receive the maximum sentence for fatally shooting a 20-year-old during a traffic stop in April 2021.

“I ask that Kim Potter be held accountable and that the maximum punishment is applied, which is incomparable to the life sentence given to us for her negligence,” said Dante’s father, Arbue Wright. “My son Deonte’s life was taken, too soon, and he’s never coming back, and it affected my whole family.”

Wright also said that his family has not been the same since Daunte’s death. “Nothing will ever be the same, everything we do as a family ends in tears.”

Deonte’s brother, Damik Bryant, and sister, Diamond Wright, also addressed the court. Damik said that Daunte was “killed by those we were supposed to rely on, who were to serve and protect.”

Damik concluded, “I respectfully ask the court to impose a severe punishment that is responsible for the severe pain and loss caused to our family.”

Dante’s sister Diamond also spoke to the court and, like her father, requested a maximum sentence for Potter.

“The defendant should be prosecuted and sentenced to the highest extent possible,” Diamond Wright said.

She poignantly told the court that while discussing the murder of George Floyd, her family said that “maybe we have enough whites in us not to be a threat to the police, we were wrong.”

“We’ve seen over and over again that a hint of black in our skin makes us target,” she said.

Chyna Whitaker, the mother of Donat’s only child, addressed the court in tears, saying that Potter had taken her son’s “best friend” from her. She said that since the incident, Daunte’s son has become “more scattered and angry”, and that Daunte will not get a chance to watch his son grow.

Whitaker says she suffered from severe PTSD after shooting Daunte.

“Whenever I’m pulled over, I’m very afraid of making a mistake and doing something wrong,” Whitaker said.

He also asked that Potter get the maximum sentence.


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