Snake charmers demand caste recognition to take advantage of government

UP snake charmers urged the government to provide them jobs and civic facilities (File)

Firozabad, UP: Amid the ongoing election in Uttar Pradesh, snake charmers of Uttar Pradesh’s Sirsela village, who are finding it difficult to earn a livelihood, sought the government’s support for civic amenities and caste recognition to avail benefits.

The snake charmers are living temporarily in Sirsela village of Firozabad district of Uttar Pradesh. He has urged the government to provide them jobs and civic facilities in the village to improve their livelihood.

“We are roaming, begging and earning through snake charmer. Since the children are not educated, this is the only option left with us. We are not able to survive. I have five children and I How will I survive? I am desperate to do any small thing to make ends meet,” said Ibranath, a snake charmer.

Ibranath, 60, urged the government to recognize his community for availing government benefits.

Ibranath said, “I got free ration from the government, I want the government to recognize me officially because I do not belong to any caste, so I am also entitled to government benefits.”

Another snake charmer Raju Nath said that he does not have a pucca house and the area where he is living is deprived of civic amenities.

“I get food from the government and do some work to earn a living. I don’t have a proper house. We don’t have access to drinking water.”

He further added, “I am not able to manage my household expenses. For us (snakes), it is a daily struggle. I hope the government will provide us with a house and basic civic amenities. When it rains So I live under a tin shed or a curtain,” lamented Raju.

The third phase of polling in Uttar Pradesh will be held on February 20.


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