Hurricane Younis overtakes Britain with strong winds

After dozens of flights were canceled at London’s major airports, more than 200,000 people tuned in to watch a livestream on YouTube of planes landing at London’s Heathrow Airport.

The plane was seen battling strong gusts of wind as it landed, some of them tottering in the middle of the wind, others sliding from side to side as they hit the runway.

The video, on the Big Jet TV channel, was accompanied by humorous remarks by presenter Jerry Dyer, who entertained the audience by offering words of encouragement to the pilots, at one point: “Come on dude, you can do it!”

Avgeek Dior’s Big Jet TV YouTube channel was trending on social media, reaching number two on Twitter in the UK, with planes hitting “bosh” at number three as one of their trademark phrases.

As Dyer tracked down the Qatar Airways A380, landing twice and arriving for the third and final time – which was successful – more than 230,000 people were watching its livestream from an area outside the airport.

Separately, more than 53,000 people were tracking the plane’s route on Flight Radar 24 as it circled the UK capital while attempting to land.

Dior’s website also crashed as thousands tried to follow him.

Dyer, who lives near Heathrow, livestreams from Heathrow every Wednesday, but goes to the airport to watch the film every time there is bad weather, he told CNN earlier this month, when his video of a British Airways plane What appears to be hitting the ground with its tail as it made a balding landing went viral.

But their livestream of Storm Younes has made it far beyond their usual average crowd.

Chelsea Football Club tweeted about her feed, as did NetflixWhile the UK TV channel Dave jokes offered him a prime time show,

Meanwhile, social media was flooded with Dior’s idioms: “fair game,” “easy, son,” and “then go ahead,” with his cheeky personality garnering thousands of likes.

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