Air India Pilots Ace UK Storm Landing, Praised As “Very”

Hurricane Younis warns of “red” weather for the first time for London

new Delhi: Pilots of two Air India flights displayed expertise and skill by landing their Boeing Dreamliner aircraft safely at Heathrow in London on Friday afternoon, even as Hurricane Younis delayed, diverted or canceled hundreds of flights.

Captain Anchit Bhardwaj and Aditya Rao were in control.

As the storm blew up Heathrow runway 27L, ‘Big Jet TV’, a YouTube channel that livestreams the landing and take-off of the planes, praised the Indian pilots. “Very skilled Indian pilot there,” said the commentator.

Air India also praised its pilots.

“Our skilled pilots landed in London when many other airlines could not,” said an Air India official.

Many aircraft were forced to abort their landings or cycle around the airport in a process known as “go-around”.

Hurricane Younis on Friday issued a “red” weather warning for London for the first time. It was one of the most powerful storms in Europe since the “Great Storm” hit Britain and northern France in 1987.

Hurricane Younis has also severely disrupted flights, trains and ferries in Western Europe.

Storm Eunice, cutting power to more than 140,000 homes in England and 80,000 homes and businesses in Ireland, is responsible for the millions currently trapped in their homes who have been forced to seek refuge.


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