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Taiwan's Huang Yu-Ting reacts after skating in the 1,000 meters speed skating event on February 17.
Taiwan’s Huang Yu-Ting reacts after skating in the 1,000 meters speed skating event on February 17. (Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

Taiwan’s Premier Su Tseng-chang criticized Taiwan’s speed skating Olympian earlier this month over the alleged “misconduct” of wearing a Chinese team uniform and subsequent “inappropriate” comments, according to Taiwan’s official Central News Agency (CNA). Inquiry has been ordered. ,

Huang Yu-ting, who represented Taiwan at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, drew fury on social media for wearing the Chinese team uniform during a practice session, as seen in a video he posted to his Instagram account – and Later it was removed.

“Huang’s wearing of the Chinese team uniform and subsequent remarks do not meet people’s expectations of national team athletes,” CNA quoted Taiwan’s Executive Yuan spokesman Lou Ping-cheng as saying. “Athletes of the national team … should not indulge in any controversial act that tarnishes national honour.”

Premier Su has called on the Ministry of Education and the Sports Administration to investigate Huang’s misconduct and develop rules of conduct for future national team athletes.

At the time, Huang said that the uniform was given to her by a “good Chinese skater friend” with whom she trained in Germany.

“Sports is related to sports. We know no nation in sports,” Huang wrote on his Facebook.

Netizens responded to her post by calling her “ignorant”.

“give your [Taiwan] Uniforms for the Chinese national team, which you call ‘good friends of the circuit’ and make and upload a video of them. Then you’ll know if they’re just as clueless as you,” a social media user named Wu Tzu-yun replied on Facebook.

On Thursday after finishing the contest, Huang wrote in a sarcastic tone on Facebook, “All the haters please leave a comment below. Those who [are] Cooperation[ing] Me, please don’t leave a comment like the post.” The post attracted nearly 2,900 angry emojis.

Here’s some background: Taiwan is diplomatically boycotting the Beijing 2022 Games. Taiwan and mainland China have been governed separately since the Nationalists retreated from Taiwan at the end of the Chinese Civil War 70 years ago.

Taiwan is now a thriving democracy, but the mainland’s ruling Communist Party of China (CCP) continues to view the island as an inseparable part of its territory – even though it has never been controlled.

Today, relations between Taipei and Beijing are at their lowest level in decades. Earlier this month, China’s military A record number of warplanes were sent into the air around Taiwan.


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